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The domain

Vue des vignes

The Grand Bois and the Bouchet are two isolated areas of the village of Lugny, also known as the little capital of the upper Macon area. The Grand Bois, perched high above the houses of the center of town, distinguishes itself by its natural environment, a vast clearing of hill and dale totally encircled by the nearby forest. The vista from the Clos du Grand Bois offers a splendid panorama to all who visit. To the East one can contemplate the valley of the Saone River, the plains of the Bresse and in the distance, the foothills of the Jura mountain range ; to the North, the plateau of Brinchamp entirely planted with rows of grapes and to the Northwest, the famous Macon mountains, among which, just several kilometers away, the Mont Saint Romain (alt 579 m) stands high.

With a little more than fifty hectares in one piece, the Grand Bois is, by its surface, the most important farming domain in Lugny. In addition, it constitutes an historic domain that has restored its buildings, conserved its land and its pond, its spring… and its vineyards. If the Grand Bois is composed essentially of meadows used as pastures for a herd of fifty cows, its real treasure is a vineyard of about more than four hectares patiently planted and ideally oriented southeast. A vineyard planted with Chardonnay, the number one grape variety in the Macon area, which is well kept, with love, and is the pride of the owner.

As at the time of its creation two hundred years ago, the domain today is organized the same way, with its four buildings linearly built, which over the past century has sheltered man, animals and crops. Many details, some of them unusual, remind us of the daily life of those who used to live in these solid constructions built with stones from the middle of the eighteenth century. You will find different types of stone used in the construction at the time, for example “pierre d’évier” (commonly used to make sinks). Also you will find the historic water well where people would draw their water. And may other details such as : nail-studded doors, framed windows from the same period, solid wood lintels, arches… and even marks from stonecutters engraved on the jamb of certain doors.

Despite its rich history, the Grand Bois, remained too long out of time, and had to evolve. So, the domain was transformed… into a “clos” of the same name ! A very attractive name for a site that, with several guest rooms in a well-converted farmhouse, is able to propose and provide, to visitors, different services of quality standards, with a goal to reveal a particularly interesting region. The “Clos du Grand Bois” will appeal to nature lovers, thanks to its authenticity, its serenity and its old stones, but also wine lovers… and amateurs of good wines ! Lugny, located in the Burgundy region, one of the most prominent wine-growing regions par excellence is highly acclaimed for its well-known cooperative wine cellar, founded more than eighty years ago, and is also one of the most famous wines of the Macon area.

So, will you let yourself be enchanted ?